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The Evermood Team
Lytt becomes Evermood 2020-01-23

Our Zweitag venture Lytt is now called Evermood.

With Evermood, the range of products for coping with stress and strain at work is expanded to include digital exercises. Prevention is everything: Evermood's preventive health measures are combined with Lytt's communication aid for critical situations in the workplace.

The Zweitag team helped with the rebranding and created the visual concept, including the word/image brand.

Applysia receives funding from Zweitag Ventures
New Venture Applysia 2020-01-20

With Applysia we have found the second start-up in which we are involved with Zweitag Ventures.

Applysia is a start-up committed to digitizing the process of personnel selection. Through their cross-functional team of business, psychology, and IT, they have both conceptual and technological know-how.

Zweitag supports Applysia in the areas of enterprise-level software development and guidance in business model development.

Lytt founders Lara von Petersdorff and Marvin Homburg
Lytt collects € 1,1 Mio. seed money 2019-10-01

Our venture Lytt raised a large seed financing after the pre-seed investment of Zweitag Ventures. With Point Nine as the second investor, Lytt continues to receive strong support.

Meanwhile, Lytt has won well-known companies such as Deutsche Bahn and is working on expanding its services.

Lytt founders Marvin Homburg and Lara von Petersdorff
Zweitag Venture Lytt launches 2019-04-10

We are pleased to announce our first venture Lytt. The speak-up platform just started with its first pilot customers. Many more, including names like the Bertelsmann Stiftung, are in the pipeline.

Zweitag provides brand and UX design as well as the development of a chatbot and a back-office platform. As sparring partners, we accompany Marvin and Lara on their way to a successful start-up and their own product team.

We Offer

Product Development for Equity



We have already launched several dozen digital products.



We are well connected in the digital scene and can open doors.



We are a powerful team for design and technical realization.

Zweitag has more than 10 years of experience creating digital products and developing individual software. We have validated numerous solutions on the market and learned from them.

In addition to a seasoned tech and design team, we support start-ups with our strategic experience and a broad network in the tech and corporate scene. We have already solved many challenges in B2B sales, stakeholder management, and employing agile product development in a traditional environment.

Our model

Fast-track Development

Bringing Zweitag Ventures into the start-up means deciding for time-to-market.

Our experience saves development iterations, and our versed teams build the product with the highest efficiency.

As good as it is to have know-how in the founding team: Once the start-up is on the market with a well-received product, the most important first step is taken.

Parallel to acquiring customers, we help the start-up to build its own team to which we pass on our know-how.

Our "Engineering for Equity" model fits in well with this: Zweitag Ventures invests for the contract with Zweitag. Since we know how much risk Zweitag's product development reduces, we can make a sound offer in a pre-seed phase.

Zweitag team meeting
Workshop with Zweitag

About us

We don't need a hockey stick

We draw our motivation from our passion for product development: Exploring business models, designing outstanding user experiences and bringing them to life with cutting-edge technologies - that's our drive.

In this way, we want to make a new company successful with a mission we strongly identify with.

This is why we are looking for teams of founders who inspire us with enthusiasm for their projects. Industry and business models do not play a decisive role – we constantly immerse ourselves in the various domains. Above all, in the B2B sector, however, we can contribute valuable experience.

At our headquarters in Münster, we support the local start-up scene, fueled with fresh energy by over 60,000 students and formed by organizations like the Venture Club Münster and the Digital Hub münsterLAND. Yet we are used to working in a distributed manner and acting independently of location.

Thinking about stuff at Zweitag
Working at Zweitag

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We are always happy about new impulses and faces.

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